On Saturday night, the police checked a group of around 25 people who drank alcohol and did not wear a mouth and nose cover or kept the necessary distance.

On Saturday night, the police checked a group of around 25 people who drank alcohol and did not wear a mouth and nose cover or kept the necessary distance.

The stable lateral position is only conveyed on the mannequin and via virtual media. A first aid course comprises nine teaching units of 45 minutes each. In addition to driving license candidates, company first-aiders, educators, senior citizens and young parents also complete the courses. “(Photo: Sebastian Willnow / zb / dpa / archive image) Berlin / Erfurt (dpa / th) – The Thuringian constitutional protection agency currently refrains from V-people within The AfD for information gathering. Thuringia’s head of the protection of the constitution, Stephan Kramer, said because of the high expenditure: “Forget it.” “There are formal reasons for the reluctance to recruit so-called ombudsmen who provide information to the security authorities,” Kramer said in the “” Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung “” (FAS). The secret service must first have exhausted other possibilities of observation before an informal mission is proportionate, and this means a lot of effort. “” Finding sources takes the longest they can’t stop in the street and say: I’ll buy you an ice cream, tell me.

That’s where you put most of the work in, “” Kramer told the FAS. On the other hand, according to the report, the protection of the constitution from Brandenburg uses informants within the AfD to obtain information. The AfD’s “wing”, which has since been officially dissolved, is classified by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a sure right-wing extremist tendency. The youth organization Junge Alternative is being treated by the authority as a suspected right-wing extremist case. Originally, the federal and state authorities for the protection of the constitution wanted to announce a joint assessment of the entire party this autumn. But now it could take a little longer.

Because in the leadership of the AfD is currently raging a power struggle, the outcome of which could decide how this assessment turns out in the end. “(Photo: Carsten Rehder / dpa / Symbolbild) Erfurt (dpa / th) – When checking Corona rules Several police officers were attacked in downtown Erfurt. As the police announced on Saturday morning, one officer was injured. The police officers checked a group of around 25 people who drank alcohol and did not cover their mouth and nose on Saturday night The people were aggressive and unteachable, according to a spokesman. When the officers tried to clarify the group about the current measures, they were attacked by two people.

 The police repulsed the attack and called in reinforcements. Most of the group then fled. According to the spokesman, 28 officers were on site, and the additional forces prevented worse things from happening, according to the police.admission biology essay writing service Seven people between the ages of 18 and 37 were held. They are all known to the police.

 Since they had resisted and insulted the police, they are now facing several charges. It will be investigated, among other things, because of the physical attack on officials and because of resistance against law enforcement officers as well as insulting and dangerous bodily harm. “(Photo: Bodo Schackow / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa / archive image) From December onwards, the Ministry of Education will give school principals a lot of leeway in the event of the outbreak of corona cases. The district council sees this undermine the work of the health authorities Landkreistag has criticized the Ministry of Education’s Corona concept for schools. The fact that school principals should be given more responsibility during the Corona pandemic is “” irresponsible, “said the President of the Thuringian District Assembly, Martina Schweinsburg (CDU), of the German press -Agentur. With the appropriate order, the Ministry of Education also undermines the work of the health authorities, which are technically responsible for such decisions, complained Schweinsburg . “” According to the order, the headmasters should join Corona infections can decide more independently which protective measures to take. This affects all schools in regions with fewer than 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.

In the case of a confirmed corona case, the respective school management can take measures from the yellow phased plan from Tuesday, depending on the situation on site. This includes, among other things, a mask requirement in the classroom. Schweinsburg criticized the Ministry for trying again to undermine the work of the health authorities, which are located in the districts and urban cities. The President referred to the Hildburghausen district, which is particularly badly affected by Corona.

In the past few weeks, the ministry there initially refused to comply with District Administrator Thomas Müller’s (CDU) request for the schools to be closed, thus placing the political will to keep the schools and kindergartens open over the technical considerations of the local health department. said the President. A regional lockdown has been in effect in the Hildburghausen district since Wednesday, schools and kindergartens have been closed since then. On Saturday, the corona rules were tightened there again. “(Photo: Center for Disease Control / epa / dpa / archive image) Hildburghausen / Erfurt (dpa / th) – In the nationwide Corona hotspot district of Hildburghausen, the incidence value is again fallen below the mark of 600. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week on Saturday was 595 (previous day: almost 630). The value has not increased for the first time in a long time , but has weakened somewhat. Nevertheless, the South Thuringian district on the Bavarian border continues to glow pink on the RKI’s corona map as the only region in Germany. In the Hildburghausen district, strict exit restrictions have been in place since midweek, all schools and daycare centers are closed.

Preparations are currently underway for a nationwide unique test campaign in which the frequency of infection among kindergarten and school children is to be checked from next Tuesday at the earliest. The aim of the voluntary tests is to ensure that daycare centers and schools return to normal operation as soon as possible. 11,000 antigen tests are available for this. According to its own information, the Bundeswehr will provide administrative assistance with more than 20 soldiers from Monday. “(Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / ZB / dpa / Symbolbild) Erfurt (dpa / th) – The CDU parliamentary group wants to promote research and digitization more strongly for the Thuringian economy. To this end, the parliamentary group has decided on an 18-point paper that ranges from broadband expansion, to a Thuringian application center for hydrogen, to strengthening the craft and supporting startups. It is about a fundamental change in direction in economic policy and the reduction of bureaucracy, said CDU -Fractional leader Mario Voigt on Saturday of the German press agency. “” We have to get away from government control and red-red-green regulation mania. “” So, according to the will of the CDU, two are to be deleted for each new regulation in the future the CDU economic politician Martin Henkel the creation of 30 new digital professorships at Thuringian universities, a master’s bonus of at least 1000 euros in the craft and the establishment of a competence center for basic research for sixth generation mobile communication at the TU Ilmenau. Henkel said that the projects are currently being negotiated with the government parliamentary groups of Red-Red-Green during budget consultations. The four groups had already agreed on funds with which they can implement their own projects. Accordingly, the CDU can dispose of over 200 million euros and red-red-green together over 80 million euros.

Left, SPD, Greens and the CDU want to decide on a supplementary budget for the current budget and a new budget for 2021 in December. Adoption is part of the stability mechanism. This provides for the state parliament to be dissolved with the votes of the four parliamentary groups after the budget has been approved, thus paving the way for new elections in April. “Erfurt (dpa / th) – The Erfurt Augustinian monastery has been voting for Advent since Saturday with a light art installation one.

The globally active artist Philipp Geist uses video projectors to project pictorial compositions and concepts from the Christmas story inside the church. They appear on walls, in the chancel and on transparent gauze fabrics that hang from the ceiling. As the Evangelical Church in Central Germany (EKM) also announced, the “Advent lights” are closed until New Year’s Eve, Wednesdays to Sundays from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. marvel at. In addition, a short Advent Vespers is celebrated with music. Admission is free. Despite Corona, Christians do not have to do without the classic pre-Christmas church services, appearances by tower blowers, shop windows and exhibitions with Christmas cribs in Thuringia in this year’s Advent season. “Erfurt (dpa / th) – In Erfurt have around 350 people demonstrated against corona restrictions.

The rally on the Domplatz went without any particular incident, as it was said. Initially, there were no violations of the distance requirement. According to eyewitnesses, many protesters did not wear masks. The groups “” Quer Think361 “” and “” Erfurt shows face “” called for the demo. “In the corona pandemic, Asians rely on masks and controls, the Europeans respond with mass quarantines and contact blocks. Sweden goes a third, liberal path and thus avoids the economically destructive shutdown so far. Overcoming the Corona crisis is not without alternatives.

While many countries in Europe – including Germany – rely on radical mass quarantines with curfews for weeks and contact bans, the states of East Asia trust a completely different strategy. From Japan to Singapore, from Hong Kong to Taiwan to South Korea, the economy continues, there is no shutdown of society, schools and shops remain open. And yet the East Asians come through the crisis much better than the Europeans.

Her recipe: masks for everyone, tight controlling and digital tracking of the sick. Keep your distance (especially with old people) and pay attention to hygiene anyway. The success is amazing, the infection seems to be better controlled in East Asia than in mask-free lockdown Europe. Sweden is now going a third way. In Stockholm – with a concerned view of Europe – one wants to avoid the extreme restrictions of freedom as well as the ruinous consequences of an economy in full brakes.

Stockholm trusts an intelligent self-regulation of its citizens. There are no rigid bans, schools and shops are not closing, the economy is still working, social life is largely intact, and even the ski circus continues happily. Only larger gatherings of more than 50 people should be avoided. Stefan Löfven, head of the red-green minority government, communicates the astonishing corona liberalism as a typical Swedish commitment to the freedom of citizens.

This will not be massively restricted, as almost everywhere else: “” There is an individual responsibility that everyone has to assume for themselves, for their fellow human beings and for their country. If everyone does that, we as a society will also get through this crisis. “” But the beautiful narrative of the mature Sweden who keeps the virus in check even without prohibitions tells only half the story. Because behind the Swedish liberal strategy there is a plan.

The country’s top epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, (he is something like the virologist Christian Drosten for Germany), does not believe in the success of shutdowns: “” I would like to remind you that Italy took so-called tough measures very early on: they stopped Flights to China, they controlled their border. “” But that didn’t help. Rather, it is important to face the virus in a smart and differentiated way and to avoid collateral damage. Tegnell considers blanket partitioning at borders or school closings to be “” completely senseless measures “”: “” Spreading in school is not dangerous. “” With children This disease is mild and they would not spread it to the same extent as other coronaviruses or flu. On the contrary, children could quickly build massive immunity. In addition, the parents would otherwise be missing in the job, whose commitment is needed especially in the crisis. And under no circumstances should the grandparents take care of them, as they are particularly at risk.

Löfven and Tegnell think it is an illusion that the corona virus can be stopped in any way. On the contrary: Curbing the wave of infections too much also harbors risks. Massive contact blocks meant that the pathogen would return in autumn.

According to the epidemiologist Annika Linde – she was the country’s top virologist from 2005 to 2013 – Sweden’s strategy is to consciously try to achieve a so-called “Flockimmunitet”, a herd immunity, as quickly as possible in order to keep the virus permanently to stop. Whether this can work is scientifically highly controversial, so Prime Minister Löfven has three things in mind: to activate the Swedes’ common sense for self-control, to achieve herd immunity as quickly as possible and, with all this, to damage the Swedish economy as little as possible. That is why he pursues a triple-step strategy in order to maintain the work processes for as long as possible and to only take the correct measures “” at the right time. Loefven is taking a risk.

It could be that Sweden is hit by the full force of the infection a little later than Germany or Italy and then possibly acted negligently with the liberal strategy. But it could also be that Löfven took the more far-sighted path with his policy of prudence and herd immunity strategy. Since science is divided and insecure here, the Social Democrat gives as the top political slogan: “” It is now about common sense. “” Source: ntv.de “In the midst of the disaster mood, good news is often overlooked.

Some surprising facts indicate that there could be light at the end of the tunnel pretty soon. If you want to know what is really going to happen in Germany and how long everything can take in the corona pandemic, you have to look to Asia. China is about three months ahead of the development in this country. And hopeful news is coming from China every day: the number of new infections has been falling rapidly since the beginning of March.